Ancient Egyptian

This is another classical army that many wargamers own. Egypt has a lot of attraction, almost like Rome. My army has been made using just Gladiator miniatures, that are gorgeous. Imho Gladiator blibical range stands over every other. It has has so many different figures that the army seems made by individual soldiers. Originally it was a New Kingdom Egyptian, but later I added the troops to use it as Early Egyptian as well.

This makes the army intersting and different to play. Early Egyptian is a foot host with good shooting power, early NKE is a regular combined arm army with excellent mounted troops, while later NKE becomes an impetous foot barbarian host supported by regulars. Players will not bore.


Pharaoh and his trusty generals.


The elite of the army, chariots RCvS. 


Javelinmen, RAxO. They are not fancy troops, but can still be useful in difficult going, being regulars.


Nubian light infantry. Being irregular, are second rate troops compared to native skirmishers


Egyptian RPsO. Excellent troops, worth all their cost.


The archers are what characterize Egyptians from other contemporary armies. Egyptians is a truly combined arms army, and the archer are a good offensive tool if protected and supported


The heavy infantry, RBdF. They are very mobile and can be extremely effective. As the archers, need to be supported.


Sirian PsI. Cheap, excellent filler.


Lybian skirmishers. Being mercenaries, the Pharaoh use them as cannon fodder


Nubian archers. In the early period excellent fighting troops


Militia. They wisely stay away from the fighting, but are still useful to forage, in sieges and above all to protect the baggage.


RBdO, Sherden guard and 2 handed axemen. Can be used just in the later period, and are tough compared to the rank and file and to the mercenaries.


Sea People mercenaries. Shock troops, best used in great numbers.


The Pharaoh's tent. Do not disturb him.


Army painted by A.P.