Another two team campaign ideated to be played and finished in a single session. This time late Turkish armies will face the many enemies that tried to stop their expansion and plunders.

Turkic expansion began in the 6th century. The Gok Turks under the leadership of Bumin Khan and his sons they established the first known Turkic empire around 546, taking the place of the earlier Hsiung Nu as the main power in the region. They were the first Turkic tribe to use the name "Türk" as a political name. The empire was split into a western and an eastern part around 600, merged again 680, and finally declined after 734.

Following the Gok Turk emipre, Turkic tribes quickly spread westward across all of Central Asia and by the 10th century most of Central Asia was settled by Turkic tribes. After the Gok demise, the Turgesh, a Turkic tribal confederation emerged from the ruins of the Western Turkic Kaganate. In time, the Turgesh, themselves a branch of the greater Tardush subdivision of the On Okh (Onoq, Ten Arrows) or Western Turks, managed to build up a considerable if short-lived Kaganate (699-766).

The east branch was succeded by the Turkic speaking Uighur, one of many distinct cultural groups brought together by the trade of the Silk Route at Turfan, which was then ruled by China's Tang Dynasty. The Uyghurs founded a large Khanate, that lasted until the Mongol Invasions The last dominant power in Central Asian before the Mongol conquest, was the Qarakhanid confederation, that, weakend by internal strifes, was reduced by Seljuqs to vassal state and later crushed by Mongols.

The Mongol invasion ended the Turk domination in Central Asia.


The teams will play individual games, each one representing a different period of Turk expansionusm.

The Turk armies will be selected from III/11 list, with special options picked no more than once by the turkish team. This means there will be just one Turgesh or Uighur army, as example.

The turkish enemies will pick one of the following nations, with the army using the 550-1212 AD time span options:

II/38 Hsiung Nu

II/ 61 Hsien Pi

II/69 Sassanid

II/79 (only northern dynasties)

II/80 (only Chionites)

III/8 Central Asian city states

III/13 Avar

III/14 Early Bulgar

III/15 Tibetan

III/16 Khazar

III/20 Sui and Tang Chinese

III/31 Ummayad Arab

III/32 Volga Bulgar

III/37 Abbasid Arab

III/39 Late Tang Chinese

III/42 Sha To Turkish

III/43 Khurasanian

III/44 Tribal Mongolian

III/56 Pecheneg

III/64 Ghaznavid

III/67 Hsi Hsia

III/74 Seljuq

III/80 Cuman

IV/8 Ghurid

IV/15 Qara Khitan

IV/24 Khwariziam

IV/35 Mongol Conquest (not in China)


The team that will score more points will win the war. The losing team must pay a drink to the winners



On the fateful day we met, there were four battles:


Uighurs vs Tribal Mongolian

As Uighur defender I tried to set up some difficult going to force a frontal attritional combat between my infantry and the enemy cavalry. With a bare left wing, I deployed using a corps echelon to push my infantry all over the open going combat line. My opponent refused this confrontation and tried to pierce my army from the opposite side, risking a deployment in difficult going moving second


Uighur LhF advanced up to the enclosed field edge to trap inside the enemy ILhS horde, to slow it and give time to reinforcement to arrive. Tribal Mongolian swarmed around my advanced line.


Uighur LhF are engulfed and destroyed, but killed a fair number of enemies and let Tibetan, BwI and more Uighur mounted to arrive and cage the enemy army


Losses were very high for both armies. Uighur right corps was disheartened and then broken. Same fate for the Tibetan allied corps. The Tribal Mongolian lost the lefternmost command and the ME transmission disheartened the other two Mongol commands


Disheartened penalties doomed the Tribal Mongolian army, here in its last stand: 17-8 for the Uighur. The gamble of deployment in the difficult almost paid off.


Qarakhanids vs Mongol Conquest

On a bare battlefield, Mongol conquest smaller army attacked outflanking the turks


The Qarakhanid reaction stopped the manouver on the left flank


On the left both enemy corps fighting each other disintegrated.


Both the armies where near th breaking point, the balance being broken by the mongol guard cavalry n the center. Turks lost 5-20


Central Asian Turks vs Chionites

The Turks deployed on a couple of gentle hills, with the Chionite horde offset and massed on the right


The Turks tried to hold the deep enemy formation while a flying column run behind the hunnic army


The Hunnic attacked hard all over the front, sending a corps back to deal with the enemy threat in the rear. The battle was very bloody, ending with the Turks losing 9-16


Uighur vs Ummayad Arab

The battlefield was full of difficult going leaving just the left flank open enough to fight the battle.


The Arab attacked on the open flank using better Cv and the Tibetan ally


The Uighur infantry held well the Arab attacks, but the Turk wings were overwhelmed: 14-11 to the Ummayad


The final score was 58-42 for the turk enemies. Four hotly fought and balanced games. Combat between steppe armies is always a close affair