Feudal English vs Teutonic Order

Another training game using the feudal english army. This time I faced Teutonic Order in what I guessed would be an hard fought battle


I defended and tried to anchor my flanks. The Teutonic player chosed a small river to close the battlefield. It was a good choice for me, because I was afraid of the better manouverability of the Order army and of the regular light horses that could easily outflank me, having room to do it. The river plus the difficult going I set up protected both my flanks, forcing a frontal fighting.


The Order player, with such a restricted battlefield, decided to attack frontally and across the small river on my right flank. A good plan, if he could wade the stream vefore to engage my center, to attack at the same time from two directions


The Teutonics badly coordinated the two pronged assault, and the centers were engaged in short time


Once in shooting range the teutonics charged the massed welsh infantry


The attack was poorly executed, due the low pip die assigned to the corps under bow fire, that was disordered and unable to charge in a single mass. While the comnbat raged in the center, Teutonic right wing was closing the stream banks


The fighting was short and bloody. Both teutonic corps charging fromtally the english army were destroyed before the outflank manouver could be executed.

The battle was decided when the Order advanced and charged in a reckless way. It would be better to wait and see if the river crossing would be successful and then attack the center, once the pressure on the right flank would have disordered and eventually weakened the english army.

The river was also a bad terrain choice, better look for an open battlefield.