Recco 2011 First round

My first opponent was the guy above me in the championship classment with an Italian Condotta army and a swiss ally. So a tough match was waiting for me. I didn't know what to expect, because my opponent attitude whan we met is always very defensive taking no risk at all, but in this event a win would stop any chance of mine, so he could also mount an all out attack to win and secure his first place.

His army had two italian corps and one swiss. This meaned a sub optimal C3 but high break points and a powerful frontal strenght. I decided to try to manouver on one flank.

The picture is taken from french side. The Condotta defended, and the table reslted in many difficult features good to defend the sides


Both the armies deployed. A wheeling game to fight in the center. I had thought about a flank march, but in the end I didn't do it because I though two corps of mine were not strng enough to keep at bay frontally the milanese army.


The swiss ally was unreliable, and stayed in that condition for seven turns. My plan was to attack through the swamp with the archers, and concentrate two knights corps on the front corner of the enemy army


The Condotta corps on the left had the lower pip dice. I gambled the attack, needing a still enemy wing..


The infiltration through the swamp failed because my opponent well reacted and sent reinforcements from the opposite wing. I decided to switch my commitment and sent an attack force on the other wing to attack the weakened enemy command. In the meantime the bow fire in uneffective.


Once in position I started to advance, while the fewer enemy Kn withdrew. I was not yet in position to pass the DH when the swiss activated and reacted. I stopped.

I tried to engage the enemy with a better tactical position by manouver, but I failed. The only choice was then a frontal attack and the melee lottery. I still had full chances for the championship, so I didn't risk and kept skirmishing. 13-12 for the French


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