Battle of Arausio, Spring 69 AD


Interesting how a list with so few options is interpreted in so many different ways. Otho had maxed cavalry all in one wing, and a center with legionaries supportd by 6 RBwO.

Trebellus choosed to maximize his legions.

The battlefield was quite open, and Otho as attacker could concentrate all his troops on his right wing.

He had more elements and more cavalry there. Soon Trebellus was under heavy pressure.


Trebellus marched hard his infantry from his right to the center. This could not help his left wing by the way.


Otho exploited is position advantage attacking.


Soon Trebellus was under pressure. Casualties mounted, and the hole in the rebel center made by bowmen fire was duly exploited.


The rebel cavalry wing was destroyed, while the marching rebel right wing was contained. In this moment, 2 reg pip dice vs 3 and with a flank open to the high pip dice cavalry corps, the rebel battle was over. No chances everybody thought, expecially because the rebel was a beginner player and the loyalist a veteran with dozens of tournaments won under his belt. But Legions from Britannia thought it in a different way.....


The rebel AxS started grinding enemy ones, while the legionaries attacked loyalist RBwO in the center


Otho cavalry run on the open flank to try an outflanking manouver. Losses mounted on Otho left flank


Trebellus destroyed the enemy left flank and started killing Bw in the center. Otho cavalry was ready to attack to try slow the enemy infantry.

Otho sent as reinforcement all his infantry from the right wing. The two infantry columns can be seen as they approached each other


Infantry formations in the center opened and attacked. The cavalry killed some rebel troops but was contained


The heavy infantry fight saw Trebellus troops prevail. Cavalry kept pushing hard but the legionaries held their ground


Rebel legions were unstoppable and won the game. They destroyed the enemy center just in time, for the friendly corps attacked by enemy cavalry was disheartened

A glorious victory for Trebellus. He deployed badly but was aggressive and never wavered. He always tried to attack and kill enemy elements. Otho played well, had some bad pips and combat dice, but paid the choise to deploy the RBwO, that were all destroyed by enemy Bd and were a real weak link.

The rebellion is alive and kicking...


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