Battle of Nedao, 454 AD


Following the death of Attila in 453AD, the Hunnic Empire was torn apart from within by his feuding sons, each demanding an equal share in the dead king’s inheritance of tyranny. When rumor of this internal division was circulated among the numerous barbarian kingdoms long enslaved by the Huns, an alliance was formed. At its head was Ardaric, the king of the Gepidae, a small Germanic tribe, but he was joined by the armies of the Goths, Rugi, Alans, Heruli, Hermanduri and a host of unhappy chiefdoms. They combined their forces and gave battle. Not surprisingly, even in disarray the Huns presented a fearsome challenge, and the ensuing struggle at Nedao was bloody. To the astonishment of the Huns, however, Attila’s most beloved son, Ellac, was slain. His brothers suffered a terrible defeat, scattering in numerous directions, their domains lost forever and the hunnic power broken.

To refight this forgotten battle that was extremely important for the history of Europe, marking the end of the hunnic dominance and the resurgence of many germanic tribes that soon would invade the roman empire, I have scaled the forces to let two teams of three players face each other

The battlefield will be m. 3,6 x 1.2, two standard dbmm table positioned short side by side. The battle was fought near the River Nedao and we know that the marshy ground somehow hampered the hunnic all mounted host.

There are scant informations about the forces involved, we just know the name of the tribes that fought the battle and the name of the leaders. This leave us a bit of freedom to organize the battle. The armies will be:


3 corps each made by 350 AP and led by Enzac, Dengizich and Ernack. Each corps will be controlled by a different player and will function as an autonomous army for the breaking rule. The army baggage will be common.


The rebel army will be made by the Gepid contingent led by Ardaric, the Ostrogoths led by Theodomir, and a corps of minor allies, Alans, Rugi and Heruls. The commands of these three nations will be made using the internal ally command rule and will be automatically reliable.

Each player will use a standard and autonomous 350AP army while army baggage will be made by all armies added bg elements

Enzac and Ardaric are the overall commander and will decide the plan. Each coalition army will break when it will suffer more than 50% losses of their total elements. Each player army and each command will break by the normal DBMM rule

The feigned flight stratagem can be activated just by Enzac if both him and the army commander that will feign flight one of its commands have the stratagem listed in their respective army list.

Huns set up first and move first. The battle will be fought in full daylight and with no weather.


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