Battle Reports

Early Egyptians vs Massagetai - Massed low quality Bowmen charged by a large host.

Marian Romans vs Seleucids - Pikes and Bd showdown

Huns vs Seleucids - Bloody battle between Lhs swarm and a successor army

Wallachians vs Later Hungarians - How flank march can be decisive

Trapezuntine Byzantine vs Teutonic Order - Clash between Kn and LhS

Spartans vs Marian Romans - Hoplite line faces Caesar's X legio

Later Visigothic vs Seleucids - How ambush can win a game

Huns vs Chi'n - The catastrophic consequences that could happen when setting up wrongly the terrain

Sung vs Samurai- Use of TF in infantry fight

T'ang vs Tibetans- How mobile can be a cavalry battle

Early Byzantine vs Turgesh- Attacking an inert lead army

Uighurs vs Early Lombard- Struggle between two large and rigid battleline

Southern D. Chinese vs Rus- Importance of a good plan when using armies that cannot redeploy

Khitan Liao vs Rus - Nimble army vs a shieldwall

Maurikian Byzantine vs Nikephorian Byzantine - Undeserved victory

Sassanid vs Alan - Hapless CvS defeat

North Dynasty Chinese vs West Sudanese - Corps coordination disrupted by own terrain

Nikaian Byzantine vs Feudal French - Concentration of force versus a clumsy army

Romanian Franks vs Aragonese Spanish - Never play your opponent's game

Early Byzantine vs early Byzantine - Civil war between an inert army and a normal one

Later Bulgars vs Ottomans - How lack of initiative can save a mistaking opponent

Siamese vs Later Hungarians - How aggressive tactics and terrain doom a mobile army

Teutonic Order vs Medieval Spanish - Quantity prevails vs quality

Later Muslim Indian vs Early Crusader - Elephants as psychological weapon (that quick kills everything)

Venetian Condotta vs Murabits - Shots in action

Former Chin vs Former Chin - Civil war between two very different armies using the same list and period

100 years war English vs Khmer - Elephants without support die

Early Northern Barbarian vs Later Sargonid - Masses of IAxS in action

100 years war English vs Wallachian - A single mistake can cost a game versus a good opponent

Alan vs Seleucid - Catastrophic consequences of a bad move

Cuman vs Mongol Conquest - To focus or not to focus?

Epirot Byzantine vs Vikings - Stretching corps is doom

Mithridates vs Pompeus' Romans - Heavy infantry in action

Romanian Franks vs Novgorod Russians - Ambush clumsy troops is risky

Sea People vs Lybian Egyptian - Warbands fight blades

Guptas vs Sarmatians - Even with bad match ups there is a chance

Chola Empire vs Mongol Conquest - Generals on elephant are brittle?

Carolingian vs Qarakhanid - RKnF ride to glory

Northern Han vs Carolingian - Unsupported attack doomed to failure

Comnenan Byzantine vs Later Crusaders - Hidden Obstacles in use

Tibetan vs Seljuq Turks - KnX in action vs a steppe army

Sung Chinese vs Early Bulgars - +3 set up modifier is vital for steppe armies

Tibetans vs French Ordonnance - Frontal power vs manouver

Navarrese vs Later Muslim Indian - Also ElS need support

French Ordonnance vs Ayyubid - Attack is the best defence

Alan vs Feudal Spanish - Never mess with Sarmatians!

Mithridatic vs Middle Imperial Roman - Imitation legionaries in action

Khmer vs Medieval Portuguese - Elephants X are also a big psi-weapon

Uighurs vs Burgundian Ordonnance - Never give up

Dacian vs Middle Imperial Roman - Inert Macrinus faces Dacian hordes

Nikaian Byzantine vs Ayyubid Egyptian - Screens use in cavalry combat

Marian Roman vs Lakhmid - Low quality troops debacle

Eastern Ts'in vs Attila's Huns - Supported infantry and WwgO are a tough nut

Roxolani vs Middle Imperial Roman - Never leave all the initiative to the enemy

Tamil vs Marian Roman - Elephants used as reserve

Bruttian vs Early Visigothic - Importance of reserves

Hellenistic Greek vs Early Visigothic - Pikes vs warbands

Hamadan Seljuq vs Ayyubid - IKnI influence in mounted battle

Granadine vs Later Hungarian - Terrain is friend to the hapless

Sea People vs Early Achemenid Persian - Do not leave a gap in the center

Inca vs Aztec - Bad army structure handicaps tactics

Marian Roman vs Later Achemenid Persian - Beware of own set up terrain

Tang Chinese vs Qarakhanid - Flank march is a risky business

Huns vs Middle Imperial Roman - Infantry should avoid bare battlefields if facing light horses

French Ordonnance vs WotR English - Wrong army attitude brings to a fiasco

Middle Imperial Roman vs Sarmatian - Legionary action vs Knights

Saffarid vs Later Achemenid Persian - Hasty cavalry action

Inca vs Later Swiss - Swiss pikes are immortal

Order of St. John vs Marian Roman - Clash of elite troops

Middle Imperial Roman vs Classical Indian - Failed experiments

Later Carthaginian vs Classical Indian - Tough indian defence

Dailami vs Arab Conquest - Concentration of force is a battle winner

Cham vs Navarrese - Unsupported corps die

Welsh vs Navarrese - When pip addicted, being left dry hurt

Italian Lombard vs Khurasanian - IKnF charges are deadly for both

Roxolani vs Later Visigothic - Bad army management lead to disaster

Khmer vs Sassanid - Elephant victory, just as it should be

Turgesh vs Early Vietnamese - Flank marching is not always a good idea

Chola vs Qarakhanid - Psiloi misuse dooms the turks

Chichimec vs Sassanid - Quantity is a quality

Western Huns vs Hsiung Nu - Never fight in march columns

Ottoman vs Teutonic Order - River hampers Teutonic attack

Feudal English vs Navarrese - How a single hill messes up everything

Middle Imperial Roman vs Islamic Berber - Legionary action against shieldwall

Feudal English vs Early Hu - Coordination of irregular corps can be tricky

Feudal English vs Medieval German - PkF action

Cham vs Medieval German - Cham is tricky but powerful

Feudal English vs Teutonic Order - Bad terrain and poor coordination doom the Order

Suevi vs Early Hu - Flank marching is a risky business

Dailami vs Medieval German - Irregular Dailami in action

Dailami vs Bosphoran - IKnF attack tactic

Later Carthaginian vs Middle Imperial Roman - Pickets are vital by night

Serbian Empire vs Scot Common army - Bad terrain choice again is decisive

Sea People vs Early Hu - Flank march gamble fails

Sea People vs Vedic Indian - Clumsy armies need not to fail their plan

Sassanid vs Early Macedonian Successor - Dailami heroes save the day

Tamil vs Patrician Romans - Elephants echelon manouver

Sarmatian vs Galatian - Feigned flight is battle winner

Sarmatians vs Later Carthaginian - Bloody engagement with elephants

Hittite vs Makkan - ICmO as a weak link

Wend vs Early Polish - IAxS facing massed IKnF

Sarmatians vs Athenians - Steppe law

Mapuche vs Mixtec - Million men armies

Chichimec vs Maya - 300AP of wild troops

Sea People civil war - IBdF slugfest

Sea people vs Neo Assyrian - Protect your generals

Sassanid vs Hsiung Nu - Never invite nellys to KnX party

Middle Imperial Roman vs Later Carthaginian - Macrinus in action

Southern Han vs Khmer - Infantry beats elephants

Southern Dynasty Chinese vs Murabits - Skirmishers in heavy infantry combat

Tamil vs Sui Chinese - The indian fury


In addition to these battle reports of individual games, there are also some more in the tournament reports section:

New Kingdom Egyptians in Bassano 2010

Hunnic in Milano Fall 2010

French Ordonnance in Recco 2011

Tuareg in Recco 2011

Later Muslim Indian in Recco 2011

Early Egyptians in Bassano 2011

Hsien Pi Successors in Torino 2012

Early Croatian in Recco 2012

Ottoman at Britcon 2012

Navarrese at Bassano 2012

Han Chinese at Milano 2012

New Kingdom Egyptian in Turin 2013

Incas in Gepanta 2013

Carolingian in Call to Arms 2013

Cham in Milano 2013

Siamese in Torino 2014

Hittite in Milano 2014