Report of Hundred years' war scenario


At our club we played the Hundred years' war scenario.

The team leaders assigned the players to each one of the four campaign periods and these were the games:


1328-1360: Paolo P. vs Fabietto P.

Fabietto used an inert French army, and had his well thought plans immediately was messed up, being the attacker and deploying first. The English player avoided the central huge corps and manouvered to outflank both the wings.

The risk of rain and mud didn't slow his attacks. The central french corps, always short of pips, slowly advanced straight ahead, while the unsupported and uncoordinated wings were cut to pieces: 25-0 to the English


1369-1389: Enrico P. vs Lorenzo M.

This was the more uncertain game as result. I deployed the french using Bertrand du Guesclin brilliant general, and having the flank attack stratagem. The plan was to cover the flanks with some difficult, deploy in line two huge corps (33ME) and flank march a smaller one (18ME). True to Noigent victory, I had a lot of pavisiers, 16SpO.

The terrain was too much open, so I could not march. Enrico relied on TF defended by SpO to slow my attack, manouvering on the open right flank his mounted bw.

I attacked hard and thanks to a press forward nove I discovered some hidden HO, which the following turn I would have charged in with my SpO. Phew!

The combat was very hard on the right, with both corps disheartened. I was a bit luckier, and demoralised first the opponent, with the transmission breaking the central english corps too due to two BdS killed in that very bound. An extremely lucky combination with extreme rolls cursing and blessing both armies in the game. 22-3 to the French with 19% losses.


1415-1428: Alessandro M. vs Dennis P.

The english deployed an entrenched camp along a river and put the whole army inside. The game was siege like, with many losses for both, ending with a 22-3 for the french thanks to the sheer number superiority of BdS. The English did not used at all the superior command and control, neither the mounted infantry.

The BwS behaved well thanks to the terrain, but the shooting was uneffective. To note the mocking by all the players attending for the worst terrain used.


1429-1453 Stefano G. vs Paolo V.

This was the game that decided the campaign, and it was the battle between the two team leaders.

Stefano, the english player, tried to manouver and avoid a frontal fight. Paolo was bold, and while parried any outflanking attempt, used his KnS strike force to aim at the center of the enemy formation. There he lost half his chevaliers, but killed the enemy CiC destroying everything in his path.

 With three english disheartened corps the french CiC survived a couple of flank/ rear attacks and, true hero of the day, smashed the last english defences. 25-0 to the French, and campaign won.


The campaign was well received by all the players, because of the minimal effort to play it, just one evening game, the team spirit and the historical match ups that are always appreciated.

Our club will try to organize simila scenarios once each month. The next one will see the Mongol hordes sweep over Asia and eastern Europe.


Some Pictures

John II and his troops


The flower of french chivalry, IKnS


Lady Fred d'Orleans tries to catch a slippery english army


Sir Megapaul's evil english manouver on the flank of hapless Fabietto John II


Earl of Pauland fortified position is outflanked, and the English CiC charges to restore the situation.