Turgesh vs Early Vietnamese

Su Lu's Turgesh are an interesting verson of the Central Asian Turks. I like having a brilliant CiC and the Tibetan ally, that provide alot more of punch to that steppe army.

In this game I faced a later early vietnamese enemy, in the version ideated by Richard Aynsley. Attacking I had to cope with a lot of terrain that provided a good cover to the viets. Not having the possibility to outflank them, I decided to try a frontal assault on the enemy infantry


Viets flank marched a corps. Not willing to wait for it, Turgesh attacked to have a quick decision against enemy center


The Tibetans spearheaded the attack, supported by an LhS corps. The artillery proved to be the usual nuisance, forcing the turks to avoid it and the  disruption it could cause on the nomad lines


Using a brilliant stroke to double the pips Turgesh were able to attack in coordination with three corps. The target was the junction between a viet archer corps and the hill tribes


The first combat was repulsed everywhere by the viets, that were quite static waiting for the flank march


Finally KnX pierced the enemy line, and immediately the viet center was doomed, having no reserves and being quite rigid


The viet WbF corps decided to advance and attack the turgesh LhS screen, trying to pierce the enemy lines and enter the rough patchs to avoid being surrounded by the winning tibetans and turks. Soon the turks were taking a lot of casualties and had to feign flight to survive


The hill tribe ally tried to engage and slow down the winning turks despatching several Ax in counterattacks. It gained time for the viet flank march, still not entering, but at a cost, and when the marauding turgesh looted its baggage, also that corps broke


The Viet army broke having the army baggage sacked and the rear ranks of the WbF corps killed. 23-2 for Su Lu, with the viet flank march not entering combat.

Vietnamese flank march not showing was a decisive factor in this battle, but I have some doubts that it could be of any help, being made just by clumsy and slow foot archers. Four corps on the table could have helped more the viet.