100 Years war english vs Khmer

Another training game with some experiments. Paolo is looking for the right Khmer composition, while I'm testing an english army with relatively few bowmen and more close combat punch. This is my list


I was the attacker, and choosed a couple of marshes to break up the enemy corps without block my shooting. Paolo picked some woods to cover his flanks, some brush to channel my mounted and a BUA on a road to conceal one corps.


I manouvered my mounted bowmen in a position to intercept the enemy concealed corps, if any, or attack the enemy flank should the missing corps be flank marching. The Khemr advanced fast in the center, echeloning the wings. The ElX were redeployed from the right to the center to target my BwS and ArtI, that were standing waiting for the enemy.

My plan was to attack hard on the right, outflanking my opponent with he PsS, and going in with a second wave of infantry once I dismounted some KnO facing the brush.

The left wing should just use the firepower to inflict casualties.


While I advanced my IKnO on the right, the Khmer tried to outflank my mounted bowmen on the left to threaten them and support the elephants.


My KnO charged the end of the enemy supported AxS. IN the center the BwS fire disordered the AxO screen protecting the elephants, while on the left the Khmer changed his mind and tried to attack the mounted bowmen with a couple of elephants. A true suicide mission, because they were totally unsupported


The BwS fire was deadly. The two nellies used as forlorn hope on the left were killed, and one more fell in the center, once the AxO screen was destroyed.

In the center a bloody combat started in the brush, with AxS facing PkF and BdS


The AxS took heavy casualties in the brush and in the open under the enemy assaults. Their corps was disheartened. In the center the elephants were finally able to charge home, thanks also to effective artillery fire from the two ElX. The attack was not successful . The Khmer left corps was taking many losses too. The situation for the elephant army was difficult


Finally the left Khmer wing broke, and its rout was fatal to the whole army. 25-0 for the English that lost elements just by ElX shooting


The game showed another time how elephants unsupported are brittle. South eastern armies need a close coordination between infantry and elephants to let the nellies deliver decisive charges.