Normally I stay away from monotype armies, but Huns can be played very aggressively and are a natural enemy to the many Late imperial and patrician Romans armies owned by my fellow clubmates. I like the gamestyle with ILhS. Furthermore, Khurasan Miniatures made a gorgeous miniature range. So I went for western huns.


Generals. Up to now my army was led by a normal general and not by Attila. So Uldin is my boss. Sooner or later Sciri allies will join him.


Horse archers. ILhS are the high quality rank and file. I usually field them in two line, to have a reserve and support if needed.


More Huns. The horse archer figures shooting are cut to the waist, so can be glued in several positions. Look at the varieties of poses.


More and more.....


Sciri ally corps. A mix of Baueda Lombards, Khurasan eastern noble Germans, with the commander from Arthurian range by Splintered Lights