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I made this army using Donnington miniatures. I had 21 Sarmatians IKnF made for a Bosphoran army, and added an Lh complement. The Sarmatian have the old donnington cataphract horse, and for a while I though about buying the new ones and substitute them, but in the end better focus painting new stuff. The lancers come from Sarmatian range, while the horse archers are mainly Skythians. This is an army that in future could be expanded to Bosphorans, western Skythians, and Roxolani. I substituted the original pin kontos with xyston spears


The various generals, as IKnF and ILhS. Some officer are taken from late roman range.


The armoured nobles. I like to use many of them to add punch, and they usually to their job, winning or losing my games.


More lancers. Imho Donnington Sarmatians have the more dynamic poses avalaible. The steel kontos are a pain to manage.


Horse archers. They are the mainstay of the army, acting as vanguard, flankers, reserve and screening the heavy cavalry


More horse archers


Other horse archers.