Battle of Orewin bridge - 11th December 1282


Llyewelyn ap Gruffydd, the last Prince of Wales, for five years fought against Edward I to keep Wales independent, and in 1282 scored two victories at the battles of Llandeilo Fawr and Moel-y-Don. This just delayed but not stopped Edward I, that could still count on several supporters in the Marcher Lords.

On 11th december 1282 Llyewelyn army met again his enemies near the village of Cilmeri. Llyewelyn set up his army on high ground to contest the crossing of the Irfon stream at Orewin bridge. Perhaps confident of the strong defensive position, Llyewelyn was surprised by the english army crossing the Irfon by a ford. In the ensuing battle, Llyewelyn was killed and the Wales independency finished.

This battle can be replayed in several scales, and the dimension of the armies let use DBMM100.

These are the army lists:

Welsh (23ME)

CiC IKnO, 24 IPkF, 2 IBwO, 6 IPsI, 2 IBgF

English (24ME)

CiC IKnO, 2 IKnO, 2 ICvO, 14 IBwO


The battlefield should be a square of 75cm. The stream is difficult going for both mounted and foot. The welsh deploy first with the whole army on the gentle hill and move second.