ITC pictures part 4


Vincenzo Sarracino Egyptians ready to fight Jim Gibson Sea People


Jan Van Embden early Carthaginians try to avoid the massive early Lybian army by Fabio Pizzocri, pool 1 top scorer



Alberto Marini early Lybian while trying to outflank and crush by sheer numbers Maurizio Cisotto Babylonians


Fabrizio Baratto Epirote troops bostering his Syracusan army


Ian MacKay hunnic horde, already deployed in battle formation


Scots ally corps in Stefano Luciani Medieval Irish army


Salvatore Franco Dailami. They fought succsfully in the medieval pool against several western armies


David Pallin war of the rose English army  redeploying


Riccardo Marchesi New Kingdom Egyptian army using foor skirmishers to screen the elite chariotry


Richard Darby Achaian army fielded a large shieldwall


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