Early Byzantine

The army is organized to be played as late eastern patrician, with Auxilia palatina downgraded to RBdI and Isausians as troops of choice to operate in difficult going, or early Byzantine. Even with limited morphing the army is intersting because can be fielded with three regular corps, with four, using inert or brilliant generals and with some allies.

The figures are all from Khurasan miniatures and are quite nice.


The mounted generals. The banners are hand painted


The elite troops, Bukellari. I prefer use them instead of IKnF because of the better control and manouver.


Atmoured horse archers.


More LhS


The heavy infantry. One of the elements is a command stand to be used as general. From left to right Legio Comitatensis Iulia Alexandria, Fortenses Auxiliari and Solenses Gallicani


Hill javelinmen