II / 40 Numidian - Combined Pompeian in 46BC


C1- CiC RCvO, 6RCvO, 6 IPsS, 2 IElI, 2 IPsO, 10 ILhO - 30ME

C2- SG RCvO, 10 IPsS, 11 ILhO - 24ME

C3- SG RCvO, 10 ILhO, 6 IPsS, 2 IPsO - 22ME

C4- 6RBgO, 7 camp TF - 12ME

Stratagem: Delayed Start, Ambush

The ideal terrain for this army is a plain with some difficult terrain to channel enemy forces. The 3 regular corps must try to outmanouver and outflank the enemy. Corps 1 is the strike arm, and must attack along a wing, possibly where the flank march is executed. Corps 2 can fight both in good going or in difficult going. Corps 3 should receive the lower pip die and be used as to flank march, delayed or as a bait.


B) Numidian played by Richard Ainsley

C1- C-in-C Metellus as Reg, Cv(O), 2 African elephants supplied by Juba I Irr El(I), 6 hastily raised Pompeian Legionaries Reg Bd(I), 6 Numidian Javelinmen Irr Ps(S), 5 Numidian Cavalry Irr Lh(O) - 24ME

C2 and 3-Labienus and Petreus as the sub generals with identical commands of:

Sub General as Reg, Cv(O), 3 Roman supplied Gallic Cavalry Reg Cv(O), 6 Numidian Imitation Legionaries Reg, Bd(I), 6 Numidian Javelinmen Irr, Ps(S), 5 Numidian Cavalry Irr, Lh(O) - 25ME

C4- 6RBgO + 7 TF - 12ME

Stratgems (15AP): Ambush and Scout