Caesar in Gaul

3 x rounds of 100AP games, fought between 2 teams of 1-4 players (an even number of players is required).
All games are individual but sum the scores of each team to determine the winners. We used preset terrain
and random allocation of opponents/tables each round with each game fought between a roman dand a barbarian player (but avoided any duplicate opponents).
If there are less than 8 players, then some players can change armies for the later rounds, the numbering of the armies below is approximately temporal so the lower numbered armies should be used first.
Note that the army lists are based on maximising variety and historical considerations rather than "optimal" lists.

A. Barbarians:
1. Helvetii, Commanded by Nammeius and Verucloetius, 61BC - Gallic: 1xICvO CnC, 5x ICvO, 16x IWbO, 2x IPsI, 3x IPsO, 2xIBgeI - 21.5ME
2. Ariovistus in 58 BC Early German(Seubi): 1x IWbS CnC, 3x ICvO, 12x IWbO, 4x IWbS, 7x IPsI, 3x IPsS [supp Cv], 2xIBgeI - 24ME
3. Belgae (Nervii) - CnC Boduognatus - Gallic: 1x IWbO CnC, 3x ICvO, 24x IWbO, 2x IPsI, 2xIBgeI - 22ME
4. Catuvellauni - CnC Cassivellaunus - Ancient British: 1x ICvO Ch Brilliant CnC, 6x ICvO Ch, 7x ILHO, 9x IPsO, 2x IPsI - 22.5ME

B. Romans:
1. Romans - CnC Caesar - Marian Roman: 1x RCvO Brilliant CnC, 4x RBdI, 2x ICvO, 2x ILHO, 2x RPsO, 4x RBdS - 21ME
2. Romans - CnC Titus Labienus - Marian Roman: 1x RCvO CnC, 4x RBdO, 2x ICvO, 3x ILHO, 4x IPsO, 2x RPsO, 3x IAxS, 1x RArtO, 2x RBgeF - 24ME
3. Aedul - CnC Dumnorix - Gallic: 1x ICvO CnC, 4x ICvO, 19x IAxO, 3xIPsO, 2xIBgeI - 21ME
4. Romans - CnC Quintus Titurius Sabinus - Marian Roman 1x RCvO CnC, 4x RBdO, 2x ILHO, 1x IPsO, 2x RPsO, 3x IAxS, 4x AxO, 4x RBdI, 2x RBgeF - 24.5ME