Into the arrow storm again

French ordonnance has always been one of my preferred armies, I painted my first one as soon the DBM army book 4 was printed, and I own two at the moment. Neverless, I never used it in a DBMM tournament.

I thought it was the right time now, because on 25-26th june I will attend Recco tournament, single pool allowing armies from 1071AD to 1515AD. This is the last tournament in 2010-11 italian DBMM championship, and I have the opportunity to win it. My chances are limited at best, because I have to finish first. So I thought I needed a powerful army to win as many games as possible. French Ordonnance is perfect for this kind of use: it is powerful but can be brittle, a true do or die army.

This is my list:

C1- CiC RKnS, 12 RMtdBwS, 1 RArtO - 19ME

C2- SG RKnS, 5 RKnS, 8 IBwI, 3 RPsS, 3 IPsS, 2 IPsO - 24ME

C3- SG RKnS, 4 RKnS, 1 RCvS, 2 IPsO, 2 IHdO - 18ME

C4 6 IBgI - 6ME

The army is small, so the main doctrine is to use C1 to attack hard along an open flank, while C3 support the attack. C2 is on the inner open flank, ideally in the center of the table and anchored to a difficult going put in the middle of the battlefield.

The artillery task is to deal with war wagons and elephants, and eventually hammer by afar enemy archers. The inferior archer battery is used in front line when facing a cavalry army relying on feigned flight, to protect the knight superior.

The coordination between the mounted bowmen and the knights is the key to the victory, as very important it is to set up a correct terrain, to protect the wings, channel, delay and slow any outflank and expose a section of the enemy front line to the knights charge.


Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4