The Sword and the Cross pictures - part 3

More pictures of the battles


Ayyubids concentrated all the army to attack the cypriot cavalry. The plan worked, but it took some time to win there, and the Egyptians were not able to roll the enemy infantry in time.


Pecheneg war wagons were able to held again the enmy center, but lost both wings to aggressive crusaders.


Armenian attacked along a flank trying to use the light troops superiority to roll the sicilian infantry. The battle was decided by repeated knight charges in the center with Bohemond leading and using brilliant strokes


Early Crusaders attack was greatly hampered by annoying bedouin skirmishers hovering around the open flank and eventually breaking it.


North african muslims use the infantry to create a steady support to its cavalry, that faced east frankish massed knights. These will fight badly, breaking in their turn of charge! The big gap was exploited by the mobile muslim that won.


Later Hungarian attacked using ISpI to mask the heavy cavalry. Byzantine defensive tactic avoided major damage, in this undecided game.