French Ordonnance

French Ordonnance has been my first medieval army. It's quite powerful, in the early period can be made just with troops of superior quality. The combination of KnS dismounting as BdS, supported by BwS and PsS is dreadful. The only problem is that the army is small.  

The army has been painted by Taucer Brothers painting service


Gendarms, the army core.


Voulgiers, heavy infantry.


Mounted Bowmen. I use them also as RCvO in later period, I'm still looking for the correct figures.


Francs archers. Usually they guard the baggage, but sometimes I use them in mass as combat troops.



Ordonnance archers. They are very effective, but need to be used with care because they are not numerous


In later period sometimes I use IBwO as francs archers replacement. Cheap and effective.


PsS, are worth gold in the high medieval period. Few and extremely useful


The baggage on the march