Milano 2012 - First game vs Sassanid

The first game of the tournament was against a sassanid army. Frontally I was much weaker, but I could manouver much better, so my plan was to try to set up a terrain that would leave enemy flank exposed.

I attacked and this was the battlefield

I set up a couple of orchards to hamper a direct frontal thrust, that would leave enemy flanks exposed once advanced farther the tree line. The table was quite open, and I attacked by night. This gave me a good advantage. The picture is taken after my first move. My plan was to attack enemy right, smash it and roll from flank and rear the sassanid center. I kept a cavalry corps in reserve to counter enemy manouvers and attacks in the other sectors.


The BwX had the task to engage the enemy center and possibly force pip expenditure disordering enemy ranks by shooting. The less pip the sassanid could use to parry my thrust the better would be.


When the night was over, I was in charge reach of the enemy and advanced the archers in shooting range.


The charge had a dramatic effect, with sassanid right corps immediately breaking.


Sassanid was dazed, having the central CiC corps rolling three times in a row 1 pip.


Bowmen shooting added even more confusion in enemy ranks. Chinese cavalry crossed the river and raced for the enemy rear


The prolonged shooting caused havoc, and the sassanid army collapsed once the baggage and all the hordes were killed. 25-0 for Han

Not much to say about this game, sassanid had poor dice all game long. An option worth to be considered was to use the hordes as pickets to protect the main body.


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