DBMM200 Trophy - 2012 Rules and dates

Players gathering before the tournament :)

In 2012 the DBMM 200 Trophy will be over four tournaments:


Justinian's wars


The rules for the trophy are these:

The final classment will be made adding the three results

The games will be played using DBMM200 2.0 ruleset

The games will be played on 120 by 90 cm tables

Armies will be 240AP big.

The games will last 100 minutes from the aggression dice roll and normal play will stop when the umpire call the time ending.

The game will always finish with the bound of the player moving second. To speed up game conclusion, when the time is called for, the game will go on to its turn conclusion using two minutes blitz rules

Night attacks will not be allowed. Time of the day will still be used for other game rules as attacker moving first with 400 paces visibility, delayed start allowance and exchanging command stratagem etc...

The scoring is changed in this way:

A game in which one army breaks is worth 3-0 for the winner

A game in which one army breaks more commands than it lost, without breaking the enemy army, is worth 2-1

A game with no corps lost or with same number of command broken, it is worth 1-1

The normal DBMM score will order the classment of tied players


2011 DBMM200 Trophy final classment

2012 DBMM200 Classment