The battle of Legnica report

After the success enjoyed by the battle of Nedao refight, it wasn't difficult to have eight players ready to defend the polish sacred land at Legnica battlefield, or willing to ravage it.


The Mongol wolfpack, Max-Orda Khan, Paolo V.-Kadan, Paolo P.-Baidar, Andrea-Yagbu


The noble and pious defenders, Fabio-Boleslav of Moravia, Marco-Henry II the Pious, Dennis-Miezsko II the fat, Lorenzo-Sulislav of Krakow


The battlefield was quite large, 360 cm by 120cm. The only features the polish could us to protect their flanks were a muddy stream and a small vollage, both on the left flank.


Max-Orda Khan had logistical problems


The Mongol army seen from the Polish lines


In the center, aimed at the Polish van, the Mongol massed light horse from three corps


The sneaky Kadan, ready to engage the miners, hid in ambush part of his corps


Boleslav of Krakow troops on the polish right wing


Henry II and the nobles od Slesia. The rash duke met the mongol horde head on


Boleslav of Moravia leading moravian and bavarian miners. Fabietto Boleslav last sleep was haunted by nightmares and bad omens. His head would be the first to roll.


The Mongol seized the initiative and advanced fast in the center, while their wings readied to outflank the long enemy line


A mighty hurra rose from the polish host: Mieszko II entered at turn 1 on the battlefield, and the sight of the Opole troops, including the flower of the Teutonic Order, gave new courage to the western army.


At an order from Baidar, the vanguard lead by Orda Khan charged head on the polish cavalry to disorder it. The impact was terrible, and many knights were unhorsed


After few minutes of combat, the Mongols feigned flight, to lure forward and away from support the polish nobles


While Henry II was frantically tryng to keep under control his command, the Mongols stroke back again, and this time with the full force of three commands. The polish were mowed down


While in the center a very hard close combat was fought, on the right wing the Mongols tried to outflank the Moravian troops. Sulislav sent his cavalry reserve to protect the flank


The polish losses were terrible. Finally the infantry wings were able to catch the center and support it with bowmen fire


On the left wing the Mongols were able to infiltrate behind the polish troops and surround the miner corps. Mieszko II saved the situation sending some light horses to engage the Mongols


The melee between the polish knight and the mongol horse archers was bloody. Mongols losses mounted, but they had the upper hand. Everybody witnessed a portent in the sky: some dice were heaven sent after too many 1s from Henry II, pious but not tolerant


Too eager to enter the fray, Krakov troops are engaged in a bad tactical position


The Mongols pierce through the junction of polish central and right corps


Kadan heavy cavalry charged the miners: in few minutes everybody saw the difference between warriors and peasent in combat.


The polish center in rout. Henry kept some loyal knights with him, but the great part of the nobles deserted him. Miezsko tried to restore the line


A gap is tore in Boleslav's corps. The Mongols suffered some losses but were able to separate the Moravians in two groups


The polish situation is getting desperate on right wing too


Finally Sulislav restored some order and a mighty polish charge killed great many mongols


With his command crumbling, Boleslav raised his sword and shouted a charge order to his bodygurads. The Mongols, were smited and some victory shouts were heard from the infantry lines


Also in the center and on the right th Mongols were dying in large numbers, but it was too little and too late


Miezsko II was attacking hard, protecting the inner flank of both polish wings and causing much concern to the Mongols, while Henry II, defeated but not won, was sacrificing his loyal followers to stem the tide


The Yagbu realised that Mieszko II was the bastion that kept standing the enter of the whole army, and sent some horse archers trying to kill him from afar. Miezsko and his Teutonic guards dispersed the eastern demons


Kadan was worried by his mounting casualties, but he knew that the spirit of the polish foot would be broken by the loss of their leader. He ordered a new charge by his best heavy cavalry against Boleslav of Moravia, that was surrounded, killed and beheaded. Kadan then displayed Boleslav head on a spear to the polish peasent and miners that, dispirited and broken, run for their life.


The Polish army broke, just the right wing had some order. It was a great Mongol victory: a terrible doom for the Slesia and other polish regions. The land was open to the marauders