Norman kingdom in South Italy

This is a two player campaign about the Norman expansion in South Italy. It can be played with large 400 ap armies, or also with smaller ones.

One of the player starts using the Normans, list III/52 while the other initially controls the various opponents that are Italian Lombards III/21, Kostantinian Byzantine III/76, Papal III/77 and Aghlabids in Sicily III/33

The campaign starts around 1040 AD, with each turn covering 5-10 years


Each turn the Norman player must attack one of the neighbours, trying to expand his kingdom. A battle will be fought with the Normans using a 400AP army, while the defender fields a 350AP army. The score is recorded. If the Norman is the winner, the region becomes part of the Norman state. If the defender wins, the players switch roles, with the former norman player becoming the new defender.

After two defeats in a row, the defender can activate Pope Leo IX and launch an attack to stop the Norman onslaught. The papal forces will be 450 AP strong and if they will win, players will switch role. Pope Leo IX can be activated just once in the whole game.

The game stops when the Normans are beaten three times or when they conquer the areas of Benevento, Capua, Salerno, Sicily and the two Byzantine regions of Apulia and Calabria.

At the end of the game both players sum all their battle scoring, the one with higher being declared the winner.