L'ordalia! 17th - 18th August 2012 - Fourth Period Pool

This small tournament has been organized to let our club associates to test their armies for the first tournament of the 2012-2013 italian championship. Our goal was a field test to tune and tinker our army lists.

These were the players and the armies used:

L. Mele - Navarrese

D. Peroni - Later Muslim Indian

S. Grombi - Later Swiss

M. Cisotto - Ottoman

N. Begovic - Burgundian Ordonnance

M. vecchia - Later Hungarian

I decided to attend using Navarrese

Navarrese army is interesting, because can field a combination of tough troops, and can equally fight well in good going and closed areas. It has few skirmishers, but having low aggressivity it should be able to set up a suitable battlefield and put pressure on the opponent. The command structure is irregular, so a bit of care should be used when planning, because the corps coordination can be a problem.

This is my army list:

C1- CiC IKnO, 6 IKnS, 2 IKnO, 4 IPsS - 24ME

C2- SG IKnO, 12 IAxS, 2 IBwO - 20ME

C3- SG IKnO, 4 Gascon IKnO - 12ME

C4- English AG RKnI, 4 RKnI, 10 RBwS - 24ME

C5- 6 RBgO, 2 ISpO - 8ME

Each corps is organized around one main troop type, to optimize pip use. The ISpO are put in the army baggage to avoid problems due the impetuosity, and to defend the camp from enemy raiders. Usually the knight corps deploys in the center, with commands 2 and 4 covering the flanks. C3 is the jolly: can be a reserve, a vanguard, be delayed or flank marched, and provide a lot of choices thanks to the IKnO dismounting as IBdS. C1 charge can decide the game, and should be launched when the supporting corps let it deliver with a tactical advantage, that can be an overlap, an outflanking through terrain, some losses by shooting.

These are the reports of the four games played

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Navarrese performed well. Still it is a difficult army to coordinate and manouver, but it is powerful frontally. The army list worked well, and I would like to try a three corps version. less flexibility but more resilience.

This was the final classment and the round by round results:


Classment Score First round Second Round Third Round Fourth Round
Lorenzo Mele - Navarrese

Dennis Peroni - Later Muslim Indian

Stefano Grombi - Later Swiss

Maurizio Cisotto - Ottoman

Nikola Begovic - Burgundian Ordonnance

Massimo vecchia - Later Hungarian







Vecchia - Mele 14-11

Grombi - Cisotto 13-12

Begovic - Peroni 6-19

Peroni - Vecchia 23-2

Mele - Grombi 15-10

Cisotto - Begovic 15-10

Peroni - Cisotto 1-24

Mele - Begovic 25-0

Grombi - Vecchia 25-0

Cisotto - Mele 0-25

Peroni - Grombi 15-10

Begovic - Vecchia 23-2