Later Sarmatian vs Later Athenian

In this game I used again a Sarmatian army against a later hoplite greek host, athenian version. Sarmatians had no allies and a grea number of IKnF, while Athenians had an unusal command structure, with a huge irregular CiC corps, supported by two regular commands.


My opponent was surprised to be the attacker, so the planned terrain he had studied could not be used. I tried a different approach and chosed a river. The battlefield was very good for the Sarmatians. Bare open, with two features out of three selected by opponent lost due the river position. The battle was going to be difficult for the Athenians


Sarmatians advanced to charge the enemy center. The plan was to feign flight against the largest corps that had the irregular dice, hoping to lure part of it forward. The flank were exposed to enemy manouver, so I kept them a bit back, sending some psiloi to attack the far right rough going. I guessed there was the pip dump corps, so trying to threaten that flank I wanted to slow and hamper the command supporting the right of the main athenian corps


With no terrain to slow the armies, Sarmatians were soon in position to attack. Athenians manouvered to outflank on the left, but separating the command in too many groups they weren't fast enough.


The first charge was successful, and a gap was torn in the greek line. The feigned flight avoided the enemy countercharge. Now the enemy CiC pip roll was very important


Athenians were unlucky. CiC rolled 1 pip and a section of the greek army advanced impetously, only to be charged again while disordered. Greek losses were huge


Also Sarmatian right corps charged the greek center. Athenian CiC command was 36ME big, but being attacked by two enemy corps was taking too many losses


Greek right wing advanced and supported the center, but was not very successful


With many gaps appearing in the line, one sarmatian general was able to charge the athenian commander and kill him.


The battle was over quickly, with one last charge that let Athenian reach the breaking point. 25-0 for the mighty Sarmatians

The game was very difficult for the greek army. They had a large number of psiloi, that were almost useless in this battlefield against this kind of foe. The greek army composition was also risky, with a sizeable part of the army, including impetous troops, lead by an irregular dice. In a second game made in defence, athenians had big problems to manouver and exploit the psiloi superiority in the difficult going. The army is interesting but can be improved.