IV / 55 Ottoman

Ottoman army with Serbian vassals and entrenched Azabs

C1- CiC RCvS, 3 RCvS, 8 RBwS, 2 RPsO, 4 IHdO, 3 ILhF - 28ME

C2- SG RCvS, 9 ICvO, 7 ILhF - 24ME

C3- SG IKnS, 4 IKnS - 12ME

C4- SG RCvS, 6 IBwI, 1 RArtS, 7 FO - 12ME

C5- 6 RBgI - 12ME

This army uses the historical ottoman tactic, with a fortified center, two echeloned wings and a reserve. Ottoman have high aggressivity, so the army usually deploy last and this let set up the fortifications in the right spot, usually disrupting the enemy plan.