Neo Assyrian


Mates at the club

Marco: Hi Lorenzo, what are you doing?

Lorenzo: Taking some pictures of Sergio's Assyrian army.

Marco: I like Assyrians, I have always desired to own one!

Lorenzo: Did you see Sergio? I should give him back the army once I finished

Marco: No, he's gone away and asked me to take and bring him the army.

Lorenzo: Ok but treat it carefully, don't put it in your miniatures toolbox!!!

Marco: What's wrong with my toolbox? I put magnetic stripes all over my figures!

Lorenzo: .............

Marco: Don't worry. Did you know the news? Sergio is leaving for Brasil again!

Lorenzo: Give me back the army!

Marco: Too late! As I told you I love Assyrians

Lorenzo: I see.......



Some CvO


More CvO


KnS generals and IPsS


KnS chariots


Foot RAxS and IAxO


Mixed foot skirmishers


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