II / 62 Abyssinian

A) List made to play in fourth period

C1- CiC ILhO, 12 ILhO, 4 IBdX, 4 IPsI - 24ME

C2- SG ILhO, 24 IWbF, 8 IPsO, 4 IPsI - 24ME

C3- SG ILhO, 12 ILhO, 8 IBwI, 4 IPsI - 24ME

C4- Arab ally gen ICvO, 6 ICvO, 8 IBwO - 18ME

C5- 6 IBgO

Stratagems (15AP): Ambush, Scouting

This is one of the ultimate armies in the fourth period to beat western opponents. It is large, Lh can outflank and deal enemy kn. The enemy infantry can be attacked by the Wb, while the Bw give also a good asset to fight eastern cavalry. Coordination is essential, as a good plan and timing to survive low pip bounds.