Elephanta Gepanta, 21th July 2013.

This tournament has been an experiment to see if is feasible to play three games in a day with 350AP armies and h 2.45 of time for each battle.

In our club we have noted that the one day tournament is a model used in Fow, Impetus and WH competitions, and would help many clubmates to attend more tournaments.

To have an original competition, just armies with at least 6 elephnats were allowed, with a score bonus for fielding more.

1- Vecchia (Late Muslim Indian) 59 (+0)

2- Mele (Cham) 53 (+8)

3- Cisotto (Seleucid) 51 (+0)

4- Grombi (Seleucid) 47 (+0)

5- Paglianti (Khmer) 15 (+8)

Peroni (Hindu Indian) 0 (+4)


In the brackets the elephant bonus to be added to the above final score

Players attending, Grombi, Vecchia, Mele, Cisotto, Paglianti and his daughter, Peroni

Round by round results

Peroni - Mele 0-25

Grombi - Paglianti 12-13

Cisotto - Vecchia 14-11

Mele - Cisotto 13-12

Paglianti - Vecchia 2-23

Peroni - Grombi 0-25

Mele - Grombi 15-10

Vecchia - Peroni 25-0

Cisotto - Paglianti 25-0

Tournament rules


The tournament formula worked well. The armies size and game lenght were balanced.

We noted that the game balance is very different from the 400AP battles

1- Irregular armies have much more appeal, not only for the size but also because the troop density on the table is different: there is much more possibility to manouver and outflank the enemy. This is a marked change from the 400AP games were regular armies are preferred

2- Army structure can be thought in a different way. As example, I used Cham instead of Khmer because the two allies used gave me 20AP to spend elsewhere, an important feature with so few AP, while Vecchia used a two corps army with a reg CiC and an Irr SG to switch at will the pips.

3- The table is bigger with so few troops: manouver, outflank and the use of army reserve is much more important

4- Attacks are quicker and bring to a faster decision, due the lower break points.

My personal opinion is that the 350AP games are lot of fun.