Game 4 vs Seleucid - Britcon, 10th, 11th and 12th August 2012

Fourth round, I met again Richard Ainsley, using his Seleucid.

I attacked and set up a river. Richard selected some difficult going to protect his flanks. This was the battlefield

Selucid were organized in 4 regular corps, with a mix of very different troops. An army difficult to coordinate and play


Tactically Richard had a problem. The difficult going that protected his army were also an obstacle to a linear deployment. He had to emerge from these areas and deploy


My plan was to slow down the seleucid center, and concentrate Qapukulu, Janissary and Serbs on the enemy right.


Seleucid was aggressive and moved forward all his army


Seleucid AxS sallied from the vineyard and soon a bloody skirmish started. In the meantime I manouvered my right wing in position. Both centers were still, not risking to expose their flanks


Many Akinjis were spent, and slowly gave ground. Ottoman committed th Sipahis on the left. On the right the ottoman were in charging position.


I had now a slight tactical advantage. The Serbians started to kill the KnX, and the small PkS corps was near the disheartening point. Ottoman needed to break the Seleucid right and inflict some more losses on the enemy.


Seleucid didn't panic. He skillfully made a fighting withdraw to save his right wing, and manouvered to cover the exposed center


Criman Tartar pursuit was unsuccessful, KnX fought well and avoided another deadly charge from Serbians. The battle finished with a draw. 14-11 to Ottomans having inflicetd more casualties.


A nice game. Richard played very well his combined arms host, and had excellent timing to pull back his two losing corps before it was too late. After this game we were still in second and third position.


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