Inca vs Aztec

Finally my Inca army has been finished. Time to face Paolo's fierce Aztec horde, to decide who will rule over America!

My first army list with Incas has four regular corps, and 10 FO to bolster my RAxO in good going. I attack and this is the battlefield

One of the two 1FE difficult hill that I selected is unfortunately lost. The battlefield is quite open, so I decided to use the central wood as a bastion, with both its flank covered by my FO. The CiC corps would attack on the left flank, trying to engage enemy RAxI


Aztec immediately reacted to my deployment sending a RBdF force to bolster RAxI


In this situation a critical mistake in my army became apparent. I had a four corps structure to outmanouver the enemy, but the use of so many FO encouraged a defensive stance. I would pay this inconsistency


The enemy army had just three corps, and was much more larger than mine. Also in the center I was in trouble


A second fatal mistake was made on the fr left, where I positioned my pip dump corps. This small command had 8 elements of 1/2 FE each, out of a total 12ME. I could lose all of them without losing the corps. In a berserker moment I charged the enemy with the general up front


RAxS and O failed to kill a single enemy AxI, with my subgeneral alone advancing in the midst of the enemy ranks. You can guess what combat roll followed....


My pip dump corps was broken in one turn. Having lost the C3 advantage, and being pinned all over the combat lines, the aztec started an attritional battle


The situation was grim now.


Some good combat rolls let me destroy the large aztec force in the wood fighting. I started to roll enemy flanks, but at 1/2 ME of casualties, I was far away from doing real damage to aztecs. I needed to kill some BdF


The combat in the FO sector was quite positive for me, I repulsed three enemy charges, but failed to kill enemies on a 3-1 factor several times. No good.


Even with a lost corps, I was slowly gaining the upper hand


Then I started losing my RAxS in combat, and the right wing seemed ready to collapse


I saw that Inca nobles were too valuable to be used as front line shock troops. Of course I realized this after having lost three out of four in minutes


I was quickly approaching the breaking point. The enemy too had huge losses, but once my CiC was disheartened, it was just a matter of time before the army would run to the hills


I tried a last desperate attack to turn the tide but I failed


Inca broke under enemy pressure. A deserved 22-3 for the Aztecs

Nice game, with a lot of fighting and some mistakes of mine.

I should reconsider the army composition and tactic. For example, better use all together in a single sector the FO and do not split them. I should play with more care the pip dump corps, possibly using it behind the FO. The C3 advantage was ill used and also the tactical mobility wasted. I could have turned my troops 180 to gain time to win in the woods, once I took a marked advantage there. RAxS should have been used as reserve troops and not as front line easy to be targeted and hammered by enemy.

By the way, sooner or later Sapa Inca will be avenged