How to deploy Elephants

Elephants are powerful elements, able to smash almost every enemy element, but are fragile too. Know how to handle and how to deploy them is critical, because they are difficult to manouver and often once placed on the table, it is hard to change formation or send them in another sector.

Elephants can be used as single elements as:

Shock troops:

To use them in such a way is very risky, for the El follows up alone and it can be killed once it is double overlapped.

This deployment can work just if you set up second, so you can benefit from good match ups and the enemy lack of Ps, or if the enemy has many elements that can quick kill your troops, and in such a way you protect the other troops.


Tactical defensive reserve

The Elephants is ready to countecharge enemies should they burts through. Its mere presence can scare enemy generals to lead the charge or interdict whole sectors to enemy armies with high manouverability and few Kn, like Ilkhanids for example.


Tactical attacking reserve

Here the Elephants must follow up the friendly advancing corps and be ready to charge once the formation open up or if room is created on the inner flank.

A good place to deploy is near the junction of two corps. Note the psiloi that will save CiC from being in the Elephant's death zone and can be used to provide overlap and flank protection.


Elephants are very effective used in groups:

Mixed formation

This formation is useful to provide mutual support from enemies. The downside is that Elephants follow up will expose them. It works well if the infantry is impetous and the enemy is infantry based. In such a case all troops will pursuit and Elephants will be more protected


Barnum formation

Massed Elephants are deadly. Here they provide mutual support and overlap. Note that both this group formation and the one above greatly benefit from a screen to deliver the first charge, eliminate enemy skirmishers and protect the nellies from Artillery fire.

The ideal screen should be made with PsS or Lh. Also medium infantry with 200 paces speed do well in combat, but is less skillful to disengage and let the Elephants charge.


Army reserve

Here the Elephants are in a group that should be lead by the CiC. They can be sent in a sector where their presence will be decisive. The downside is that keeping in reserve so many AP will weaken the front line. Player should have timing and foresee battle development to use the reserve well.