I / 36 Italian hill tribes

A) Sicels

C1- CiC IAxS, 18 ISpO, 10 IAxO, 6 IPsI - 32ME

C2- SG IAxS, 18 ISpO, 10 IAxO, 2 IPsI - 30ME

C3- SG ICvO, 16 IAxO, 2 IPsI - 21ME

C4- 6 IBgI - 6ME

Stratagems: Delayed Start

The two spear corps should deploy side by side three deep, and advance to charge enemy once the AxO have been able to gain a foothold in difficult or rough going to gain overlaps and access to enemy flanks.

The battle will be won or lost by how well the Ax perform. Sp must just fix the enemy.