Sea People vs Early Hu

Again the Sea People army is ready to invade and seize enemy lands. This time they met the Early Hu, asian early steppe nomads. I changed the Sea People army organization testing a four corps structure.


I defended, and tried to have a bare battlefield with flanks protcted by the sea and some dunes. The terrain was quite good, and I deployed echeloned expecting a flank march. The Hu delayed the battle flank marching a big corps, using the dunes in his deployment to strenghten the defensive line held by IAxO. The main problem I had was how to deal with the big IWbF corps.


My plan was to use the small chariot reserve to engage part of the enemy warbands, while sending an infantry column to extend my right line and protect the flank. The tactical stance was very aggressive, I had no time to waste with a flank march threat


The Hu advanced the warband corps but this created the opportunity foe sea people to attack the inner flank of the formation. The Hu right flank was plagued by very low pips and badly supported the attack.


Hu left wing was facing two enemy corps, and could just fight a delaying action


The feigned flight performed by Hu had no effect on Sea People, that engaged with skirmishers and chariots the warband mass.


On the left the light cavalry delayed the Sea People advance, at the cost of several spent elements


The flank marching corps did not arrive, and turn after turn the Hu situation was worsening


Hu warband corps was under attack by elements from three corps, amd the combined action was well supported by pips. The flanks started to collapse and losses were mounting. The corps after several turn of fighting broke.


Also the left wing broke due the ME loss transmission. The Hu corps fought well but was swamped by too many enemies. 25-0 for Sea People.

The game was decided by the flank march. It did not enter even enjoying the +1 for the delay start stratagem and this let Hu army to fight with a severe handicap, facing such a large and aggressive enemy. Being impetous in this battle was a big advantage.