Elephants running amok in Recco Fourth game


In the last game I met O. Miceli, who used one of the weirdest armies I've ever seen: a communal italian based on many Wwg X and three deadly WwgS. This time I am the attacker, and set up (on a weird table) as terrain my 2FE gentle hill. Ottaviano tries to hamper my LhS setting many difficult going.

Looking at the battlefield, I decide to flank march the LhS corps on the right side, hoping it would enter soon (but not to soon). My goal was to attack the flank and the rear of the enemy army because I expected a geneal enemy advance between the vineyard and the wood. My other two commands deployed in the valley facing the enemy army.


Ottaviano attacked in the center, and my first pip dice are discouraging. The God dice, friendly to me in the previous games, is not helping me anymore


I use the few pips avalaible I try to push a small Lh column in a gap on the right between the BUA and the vineyard, to put some pression on the opponent and lure some enemy troops there to attack later with the flank march. THe LhS are supported by my few PsS. The Elephant boldly advance against the Wwg line.


The flank march corps didn't show up, so I decided to charge with the CiC corps...


and then to feign flight to gain some time waiting for the Lh corps and possibly to inflict some casualties


In the meantime, Ottaviano fearing that something nasty could materialize on his open flank, started sending some KnI in the sector as reserve. Unfortunately for him he left the infantry corps general isolated. I surrounded and killed him. His demise broke the small communal corps


The Wwg line was still solid and slowly logorated my corps facing it. I decided to withdraw the CvS from the fighting line. While I was executing this manouver, THE FLANK MARCH ARRIVED!!!


With the moral raising, I charged again the enemy Wwg with my elephants


This new attack is successful. A WwgS is destroyed and a gap appear in the communal front line


The KnI ommunal corps as soon it was charged by the ILhS, exploded, breaking in one combat round, and breaking the whole army.

In the end the score was 23-2 for me letting me classify fourth in the tournament. I should say that these were my first four games with Later Muslim Indian, and I was no slouch at it !! :-)


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