The desert lions strike back - First game

The desert lions stike back or Tuareg in Recco 2011

Game 1 Tuaregs vs Siamese

A Siamese  strong elephant army invaded the Tuaregland in a fine winter day. The terrain was quite broken with 5 oasis out skirting the battlefield that was dominated on the central/right hand side by 2x 1FE Dunes, the usual camel line of attack.

The 2 allies started in front of the dunes, in the middle stood the Wb command with the CinC behind the Wb.  The Siamese was constrained by the terrain, thereof, he deployed his 3 commands in the main plain in front of the dunes. His main strike force composed by 2 out of 3 elephant corps was facing Tuareg Wb while Aux/Bd(F) were facing the dunes and the third Elephant unit stood in support his left hand side of infantry.

The Tuareg infantry slowly advance in the plain supported on both flank by the camels advancing through the dunes. I decided to concentrate my effort on the right redeploying the CinC and pushing hard with 16 CmS on the enemy infantry. On the left, I quickly advance the third command to engage again the enemy BdF


This is the situation at the third bound after a partially successful charge of the 3rd command followed by a FF that broke up the supporting elephant unit.

The Siamese general assessed that his flanks could be easily overcome by the camels, therefore he decided to engage the Wb with the Nellies. His thunder charge was dimmed by a handful group of javelmen (Ir PsI) due to a couples of lucky 1-6 against the nellies. A subGen and his elephant bodyguard bite the dust bringing this command on the verge of the disheartened. It  felt in the next Tuareg bound.


In the meanwhile on the Tuareg left hand flank, the ensuring engagement  between supported blade and camels was a tough one  but slowly the camels were having the upper hand.


On the right hand flank, the pressure of the CinC and ally camel commands supported by the javelmen broke this command too, sealing a 25-0 victory for the desert lions.

Overall assessment: the turning point of the battle was the lucky kill of the nellies in the central plain that completely stopped the Siamese attack against the Wb. From that point on it was only a question of time for the defeat of the right hand Siamese division assaulted by 3 Tuareg commands.


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