Sarmatians vs Galatians

This game I played again my beloved Sarmatians with a new army list: no allies, and a huge number of IKnF.

C1- CiC IKnF, 6 ILhF, 10 IKnF - 32ME

C2- SG IKnF, 8 IPsO, 11 IKnF - 32ME

C3- SG IKnF, 9 IKnF, 12 IHdO - 30ME

C4- 6 INgI - 6ME

Stratagems: Feigned Flight, Scouting

My opponent had an early Galatian army, with a large infantry component, supported by cavalry O nd I.. With an army like mine, is important to have a very simple plan, focusing more on coordination and reserve use than on manouver. Feigned flight is essential to survive a little longer with Fast troops.


As attacker I tried to have a battlefield as bare as possible, to well use my cavalry. The Galatian army was tough, with 2 infantry corps 32ME big, with WbS three lines deep, and the CiC leading a CvO wing at 21ME. My plan was to destroy the galatian cavalry wing, and roll the infantry center. In the past I had bad experiences charging frontally a Wb mass, so I would have liked to avoid to decide the battle with an headlong charge.


The Galatian was aware of the danger to expose his mounted arm, and correctely advanced echeloned protecting his cavalry and willing to engge the infantry. No good for me.


Not having much choices, I charged the most advanced enemy infantry command, feigning flight. The charge was repulsed almost along all  the line, with Galatians losing just 1 element


What followed was extremly unlucky for the Galatians, rolling 1 pip with both the infantry corps and losing control of the warbands, that advanced spontaneously breaking their formation. This event had important consequences in the game. A sign showing how powerful is the Sarmatian war God!


The second sarmatian charge was deadly, with high losses suffered by the Galatians


In the meantime the left wings, lead by both the commanders, were ready to clash


Sarmatian knights gained the upper edge


In a couple of bounds the smaller Galatian cavalry corps was broken


In the hard fight in the center, a Sarmatian general was slain but this not stopped the lancers that broke the enemy infantry. The galatian army fled. 24-1


The game was fast and quite bloody. This game showed how, also in a frontal combat between two impetous armies, is important the coordination of the corps, the timing of the attacks and the use of the reserves. This kind of games have a very limited manouvering, so the plan and its execution is very important.