On 15th February 2015 there will be the DBMM tournament "Hana wa Sakura gi Hito wa Bushi" in UESM Hall, in Milan, via S. Uguzzone 8.

The theme will be about the Bushido.

The players will try to follow the way of the warrior, and show rectitude, courage, benevolence, respect, honesty, honour and loyalty.

Who will fail, will purge the shame and regain his honour committing seppuku.

The tournament will be over three games, of 2hours and 45 minutes each.

The rules used will be the DBMM 2.0 version, using 300AP armies, and the only army list allowed will be IV/59 from 1465 AD

The subscription will open now.

The subscription will cost 5 Euro.


A Trophy for the winner and a special die for every player attending

The army lists must be sent before the 8th of February 2015 to:

lorenzomele AT libero.it (subsituing AT with @ in the email address)

Please contact the administrator to subscribe or if needing further informations.



Condottieri Trophy classment