Game 4 vs Kushan - Torino 14th-15th April 2012

Last round I was second, being passed by a player after the winning draw on the third game. He playe Kushan, so I faced another steppe army. I needed to break his army to win he tournament.

Again I defended and again I set up second.


My opponent adopted a very defensive deployment, because he was scared by a possible outflanking by the wider hsien pi. He needed a draw to win the tournament, but to leave the iniatiative was quite risky. I attacked aiming to the corps on the wings. KnX were too dangerous to attack head on.


Hsien Pi manouvered aggressively on the left. I had the plan to charge the ICvS into the kushan ILhS in the difficult hill too.


Using superior numbers I started an attritional combat to gain access to outer flanks of the enemy formation



My right corps was succesful but could not deliver the coup the grace being stopped by a feigned flight followed by four rounds with 1 pip. My opponent had a similar problem on the opposite wing, were the ILhS could not organize a counterattack and were eliminated one by one. After this picture was taken, the Kushan tried a desperate counterattack on the left flank losing the army in the process  but killing one general and enough elements to break one corps of mine for a hsien pi 17-8 victory.

Again the number helped to prevail. The defensive attitude of my opponent helped me a lot. When he decided to behave aggressively, I started losing quickly elements.

In the end I won the tournament with 79 points, with 3 wins and one draw. I was surprised, having not much confidence in ICvS. The result was due also to being four times defender, having three times out of four a switch in set up. I can say that everything went smoothly.


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