DBMM at Cold Wars




On 9th march 2013 there will be a DBMM event at Cold Wars, in Lancaster Host Resort Hotel and Conference Center, Lancaster, PA. A map of the venue and hotel information can be found on Cold Wars website.


Version 2.0 rules and any DBMM army list books will be used, including clarifications

(to be downloaded here http://dbmm.org.uk/images/playaids/dbmm%20commentary%20v5_0_6_condensed.pdf)

Players need their own painted army, terrain items and ground cloth.  Sign up at least 15 minutes prior to the designated start time.  Sign up for all events at the NASAMW registration desk.

The subscription cost is $5


Saturday Itinerary:

9.00 - Players meeting

9.30 - Start of the first game

14.30 - Start of the second game

18.45 - Prize giving


All games will be played on a 6 x 4 table using 15mm armies.  Players will play two games,  with each army being 400 AP. The first drawing wll be random, while the second using the swiss method.

It will be possible to use two variants of the same army list.  Each game will be 4 hours, including setup. 

There will be a one hour break between games, so that players can eat and go to the vendor room. 

There will be prizes for the winners, more information will follow.


The army lists must be sent to  lupastef AT optonline.net.