Lawrence VII Tudor's army in France


The decision about which army to use in Paris tournament (16th-17th october 2010) has been a difficult one.

The main problem is that I have never played an "open" competition, a pool where every army is allowed. I'm used to period pool, and the army balance is quite different.

To help my selection, I decided for logistical reasons to look for a small army. Travelling by train, I wanted the army, terrain and all the travelling necessaire to fit in a bag.

After much thinking, I decided to look for an improved version of my 100hyw english. I wanted higher break points, less BwS, that I found very effective but fragile if properly engaged, and more BdS.

The final choice was for a Tudor English. The list though is:

IV / 83 Tudor English - 78ME

C1- CiC RKnS, 4 RMtdBwS , 4 RBdS, 2 ILhO, 2 RKnS - 24ME

C2- SG RKnO, 8 RBwS, 4 RBdS, 2 ILhO, 1 RArtI - 25ME

C3- SG RKnO, 8 RBwS, 4 RBdS, 2 ILhO - 24ME

C4- 6 IBgI - 6ME

Stratagem (5AP): Scouting

The army is very small, but powerful and all elements can be used in front line. The doctrine is fire based, but with so many BdS, eventually Bw supported, I can take frontally every heavy infantry should I meet. The LhO give me flexibility to provide overlaps, be a reserve and project flanking threat. LhO are useful too to protect Bw from enemy psiloi. The mounted infantry is a good option should I deploy with C2 and 3 in first line and 1 in reserve to manouver. The small KnS wedge can be used to deliver the coup de grace or to keep enemy troops honest.

Tudors optimize the low AP cost of BwS and BdS. The break points are good. I studied also a version with 18BwS and 18BdS, but had not enough time to test it.

The army is balanced, tough, but not so easy to be played, expecially when facing swarms. Combat must be engaged carefully, because Tudors cannot survive prolonged attrition.

Low aggressivity is good to prepare the best battlefield terrain possible, but makes the army vulnerable to night attacks and weather. To counter night attacks I have scouting stratagem, against bad weather just the high BdS proportion.

Contrary to my DBMM habits, this time I trained a bit, and played testing games versus Picts, Mongols, Later Hungarians, Neo-Assyrian. These games were extremely useful, and confirmed my initial feeling: without much cavalry, skirmishers and much mobility, the army was bound to a lot of attritional combats. Furthermore being quite static it is unforviging should the deployment or terrain be wrong.

I'm curious to see how it will behave. Should I finish in the top three I would be very happy.


Edit: Due transport strike in France, I was not able to attend the tournament. What a shame.....


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