Sarissa picture part 2

More battles


Lysimachid facing the dreaded Galatians. The greek right wing, mostly AxO, collapsed under the warband push. In the center the fight was much more even, with the combined attacks of pikes Kn wedges and Elephants bringing the Galatian army 0,5 ME from rout. Time saved the celts, that scored 13 - 12


Lysimachid wedges and elephants open the attack in the center, while the warbands in the rough going are ready to charge enemy auxilia.

The pike reserve bring on the right to cover the flank from the raider Cv, will be smited by the winning warbands


The Seleucids again left an open phalanx flank fighting the Galatians, and once more their pikes won the day against everything the Celts put in front of it. 15-10 for the Seleucids


A classical match up, phalank against legionaries. Polybian Romans wiped out the greek psiloi protecting the Alex Imperial pike flank and then rolled the pikes attacking them from two sides.23-2 for the romans


The last moments of Alexander's phalanx

One of the funnier game was see the italian champion using later macedonians versus the parthian player, with maybe 6 games under his belt.

The parthian destroyed the phalanx with frontal cataphracts charges, then attacked the macedonian AxS in the rough, pushed them out in good going and started kill them. This took a ot of time though, and the greek cavalry had the time to destroy the LhF screen on the right and charge the rest of the parthian in the back.

17-8 for the Macedonian


The pike center is destroyed, as the right parthian wing. The incredible cataphract attack in the rough going is starting


Camillan Roman vs Hellenistic Greeks. The Romans attacked hard on one flank, using the spear corps to hold the rest of the enemy army. The roman cavalry in column on the left was able to provide a decisive advantage. 15-10 for the romans


The Campanian army is stretched to deny any possible gap to the messagetai. The samnite ally was decisive in attacking and destroying the asian archers, but not the whole army that was too big.


Kappadokians try to manouver to gain a tactical advantage versus Alex Imperial. Macedonian wedges proved decisive and almost unstoppable. 15-10 to Macedonians