Justinian wars pictures part 1

These are some pictures showing the battles and miniatures used

Alans (left) concentrate all their cavalry to attack one flank of the early Byzantine army. The attack will fail and the Byzantines will crush the nomads.


The early Lombard army deploys with flanks protected by woods to avoid to be outflanked by the central asian Turks


The Sassanid set with a defensive formation facing a wide and mobile early Bulgar army


Later pre islamic Arabs face an italian Ostrogoth army


Italian Ostrogoths wait for the african Vandals assault


Sassanid trying to force Huns to an head on fight


Central asian Turks readying for a massed attack on the flank of the middle frankish army


A scared Vandal army tries its luck flank marching against Sassanids


Early Lombard (on the left) send on the right a detachment to outflank the italian Ostrogoths


Huns attack italian Ostrogoths


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