Feudal English vs Medieval German

Another game using Feudal English. This time my opponent used a Medieval German, and army that could be nasty due the possibility to dismount the knights as blade superior.


I defended and tried to cover at least on flank of my archers. The German set up a difficult hill right in the middle of the battlefield, and this messed up the battle for both. Now, with not enough room to deploy in line the armies, an alternative plan was needed. I chosed a risky approach, flank marching a bow corps on the lft, and delaying the CiC. The welsh had the right flanl open, just the DH slowed the enemy from enveloping the flank. I hoped the delayed corps would not enter too late.


The bog would be the theater of bitter fighting between the welsh PkF and german infantry.


The german soon realized the risk on the left wing, and decided to attack hard and break the welsh corps before my missing corps could arrive on the battlfield


While in the bog there was heavy fighting, English cavalry tried to outflank the enemy to give some support to the endangered welsh infantry


English CiC corps arrived right in time to stop the german knights marching from the right wing around the central hill to attack the flank of the welsh. The German retired the cavalry protected by a rearguard of archers


The flank march arrived in turn six, and this turned the odds. The german CiC corps was now attacked by three english corps. When few knights were lost, the massive casualties suffered against the welsh infantry broke the german CiC corps. This triggered a general rout of the army. 25-0 for the english.

With two corps out of four not on the table, english risked a bit. Both these corps entered quite late, and up to that moment the german had the upper hand. The welsh infantry performed very well, IPkF were decisive to beat the germans.