Suevi vs Early Hu

For this game I used Tim Child's Suevi army list, that after an analysis I found better than both the lists I previously used. The main difference is that I played a small Sciri corps, just 5 IKnF, that could be used just as reserve or flank march. This version has the Sciri in a big 24ME size, so the Sciri can be used also as front line troops.

In this battle I faced an Early Hu army.


As defender I set up two big marshes and two small woods, to protect my flanks from the flank march I guessed would be done by my opponent, to give some infiltration avenue to the numerous psiloi fielded and also to hamper the Hu feigned flight. Two 1ME gentle hill completed my terrain picks. The Hu tried to keep the table open with some gentle hill and brush flats. On the set up I saw just two enemy corps, with the missing ones possibly showing soon thanks to the delayed start stratagem.


I advanced quickly, trying to engage and destroy the enemy before the missing commands could show. The Sciri were used as army reserve and eventually to support the center. The Hu tried to pin me back with a feigned flight on the right wing.


Both the armies had a lot of skirmishers, so soon the small woods were full of troops advancing one againts the other. On the right I enjoyed some superiority, with PsS against O and Cv against LhF. There it would be my main attack, while in the center my goal was to inflict casualties by shooting. The warband advanced to intercept any delayed corps, I thought a march from the left was unlikely looking at the bad terrain there


Hu didn't want to stay under shooting in the center, so organized a LhF charge screened by IAxO


In the meantime the missing corps kept rolling 1s and 2s, not arriving on the table. A wb column outflanked the Hu AxO line


The shooting did not much and Suevi readied to receive the charge, while the army advanced on the right


The Hu cavalry attack had not much success, being repulsed everywhere


Now the shooting started to eliminate Hu elements, while the Hu ILhF were charged by Suevi cavalry. In these very important turns Hu had low pips and both the flank march did not arrive. No good.


Finally the Suevi CiC corps charged the enemy. Quality difference soon took its toll.


The Hu army was doomed now


Just one flank march arrived, on the left flank. Some ILhF run from there trying to reach the rear of the Suevi


Before the reinforcements arrived in the combat area, both Hu corps broke and the army run to the hills. This time the flank marching tactic did not work. No luck in the die rolls even with a +1 bonus