Epirot Byzantine vs Viking

Thessalian Byzantines are maybe the only irregular byzantine army. Also the troops fielded are mainly irregulars. It is an interesting army thanks the low aggressivity and the numerous skirmishers, and is a perfect morphing army if you have some nomad light horses and western knights. It needs just some byzantine kavallarioi to be completed.

In this game I have tried this list:

C1- CiC ILhS, 9 IKnO, 12 IPsO - 30 ME

C2- SG ILhS, 18 ILhS, 6 RCvI - 30ME

C3- SG ILhS, 6 ICvO, 8 RBwI, 4 IPsO - 18ME

C4- 6 IBgI - 6ME

The army is big, it manouvers quite well, but need special care to use the feudal knights. These should charge ideally just after the enemy has been engaged by the other corps. 30 ME is a lot, but IKnO have the tendency to die.

My opponent wanted to use a mainly infantry army, and picked Late viking, the fourth period version fielding some IKnO.


As defender I tried to split in two parts the enemy army to pick off an half using some difficlt going. The terrain set up was not good, and offered some protection to enemy flanks. The Vikings squeezed the CiC corps in the center, with IBdF acting as reserve of IKnO. Looking at enemy deployment I decided to attack the wings and wait in the center, using the left orchard as a barrier to eventually gain some flank on the enemy.


I sent RCvI on a wide right outflank, while the ICvO on the left had the task to stop enemy auxilia from entering the orchard I occupied with IPsO.


The Viking was very aggressive, almost rash,  and attacked


The viking army advanced all along the line. The byzantine RCvI stopped the outflank to threat the enemy flank. Just two elements kept going for the enemy baggage.


The Vikings IKnO didn't wait to charge in formation with the heavy foot, but spearheaded the attack.


The byzantine ICvO on the left was slowly piercing the enemy Ax line. In the orchard there was an indecisive fight between huscarls and thessalian psiloi


In the centr there was a massive clash. This is something I wanted to avoid, because the enemy was larger than me and had more reserves to fuel an attritional fight. By the way once deployed the IKnO were difficult to manouver, and my set up was too much forward, so blame on me.


My CiC corps was engaged by two enemy command, so the situation was not good. My first charge on huscarls was effective, while I suffered no return casualties. A good start.


The ILhS quite unexpectedly killed some Bd, and this, combined with the RCvI aiming at enemy rear, made me quite optimistic. Both enemy infantry wings were crumbling and all my losses were two LhS spent.


My KnO were ready to deliver the coup the grace, when the unexpected happened


In one combat round I lost the CiC corps. The viking fury could not be blocked. In the very same round the viking lost the left wing.


So the game would be decided on this wing. I was in a better tactical position, but suffered very low pips for a couple of rounds.


The game finished when the RCvI was able to rear attack the viking line.


Viking last stand. The game score was a 19-6 for the Thessalian.


In this match both me and my opponent had overstrechted corps, and this doomed the commands that then broke. It is very important to set the right balance between the corps break point, the front line covered and the ME engaged. This a key feature.