Bassano fourth round - The game of shame


Last game I was leading with 16 points of advantage over the second player. I would have won the tournament losing 19-6 too.

I met Paolo, a very strong player with an NKE similar to mine.

I attacked, and planned to look for a draw using at best the terrain.


I was able to create some channels to slow down enemy approach and avoid an attack all along the line.


My opponent set up in the only open area avalaible.


I used the difficult going to force him to spend time to approach me and keep him at bay.


Looking at my deployment he immediately understood what would be happened, he though for a while, and asked: Are you looking for a draw? I replied smiling: Iím looking for a tournament win.

He said, ok, I want a bloody battle, so letís draw this and letís fight it out a friendly game. For me was ok.


After some mocking, we fought the friendly game that I duly lost.

I was happy, for this was my first individual tournament won since December 2007.


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