Middle Imperial Roman vs Islamic Berber

A game with some problem for both the armies: Romans faced a much wider and bigger opponent, being the irregular version, with some nasty shock troops, while the berbers had their shieldwall threatened by good quality blade infantry.

The Romans defended and could protect their flanks thanks to some difficult going. Deploying first, they placed two infantry corps in line, keeping as reserve the all mounted command led by the CiC with the higher pip. The problem was that the infantry line was not wide enough to occupy all the good going between the vineyard and the village, and there was also a quite large avenue around the right flank that could be exploited by the enemy

At the start one berber corps was missing, but there was not time to worry about a flank march. The Roman cavalry went all to the left to engage the lesser berber mounted and try to roll the enemy line


On round 1 the fourth berber corps appeared having been delayed. It was made by 5 IKnF and marched to strenghten the left wing. In the meantime the berber infantry advanced and the camels superior redeployed to support the shieldwall. A very aggressive stance, that did not exploited the gentle hill in the islamic center. Berbers were going to try to win by a straight fight


Islamics for several bounds had low pips on the left wing corps, and these had to be used to manouver the cavalry under pressure. This had as consequences a delay in the advance of the leftermost part of the shieldwall. Romans advanced to attack the enemy with overlaps, while the artillery shooted to disorder the enemy lines


On the left wing the roman cavalry advanced to engage the enemy out of position. The islamic IKnF  mercenary corps hurried forward, but the pip crisis on islamic left lasted too many turns


The Romans delivered the first charge against the islamic infantry, just a turn before the camelry could attack


The berber countercharged launching wild the camels. This was a critical moment in the battle. The Pretorians stood their ground repulsing the enemy.


Finally on the left the berbers reorganized and launched a coordinated charge.


The fighting was very tough on the left. The Pretorians were a wall, no camel bursted through their ranks. The berber skirmishers were able to smash the roman auxilia in the village, threatening the legions flank, that were fighting succesfully the islamic spearmen


Finally the berber right corps collapsed and broke


In the mantime the Roman cavalry was able to disperse the berber light horse opening the enemy flank. Both christian and camel corps were disheartened. Berbers gave up.


The Berbers were very aggressive, but in two critical moments of the battle had very low pips. Two of their corps had two main manouver elements, the left wing commanding infantry and light horse, while the CiC had camels and elite skirmishers. Well, in two critical moments they rolled 1 pip passing the initiative to the romans. No good. Apart this, they chosed to not try any outflanking and to fight a frontal battle. This time it did not work.