I / 39 Urartian


C1- CiC RKnO, 12 ICvO, 4 ILhF - 24ME

C2- SG RKnO, 6 RKnO, 4 RCvO, 3 ILhF, 6 IHdO - 30ME

C3- SG RKnO, 12 RAxS, 6 RPsO, 2 IHdO - 24ME

C4- 6 RBgI - 12ME

Stratagem (5AP): Concealed Command

The army is organized in three corps each one with a specific task. PiPs must be assigned depending by the plan, terrain and opponent.

C1 is the manouver arm, and has also decent shock versus light cavalry and medium infantry. It should always attack while trying an outflanking too, to cmpensate the lack of QK with hard flanks. C2 is the shock corps, that must engage and smite suitable targets. C3 is a corps that can fight in open going but will give the edge when a difficult going must be attacked.

Do not be afraid to switch pips. As example, C3 can have the higher pip dice to attack and force a flanl through difficult going, but once the job has been done, it can receive the lower pip dice to be used just to sally some elements to attack flanks and rears


B) List used by P. Paglianti to win Bassano 2011

C1- CiCRKnO, 6 ILhF, 14 RAxS, 4 IHdO - 30ME

C2- SG RKnO, 4 RKnO, 10 RAxS, 2 IPsI - 27ME

C3- SG RKnO, 4 RCvO, 7 ICvO, 4 ILhF, 2 IHdO - 24ME

C4- 6 RBgI - 12ME